Group Leader: Jaak Vilo

University of Tartu (est. 1632) is among the leading institutions in Europe in biobanking, supported by strong IT, bio- and health informatics. UTARTU is ranked highest among Central and Eastern European countries of the EU (THE 2017), a member of The Guild and partner in LERU research intensive universities. Institute of Computer Science (ICS) has specific research expertise in data science, deep learning and bioinformatics, and cryptography and business process mining techniques applied to data analytics. UTARTU high performance computing (HPC) center offers cluster computing and secure private research cloud platforms (>5000 cores), as well as large scale data storage.

UTARTU is also a node in BBMRI ERIC with the biobank covering 52,000 individuals that is currently being increased by further 100,000 individuals annually with a new funding boost from 2018. Individuals in the biobank are densely characterized with 3000 full genome sequences (by Broad Institute) and genotypes with capability to impute most markers and infer also rare haplotype variants. Individuals are characterised with their full health data histories (national EHR, insurance billing, health registries, and e-prescriptions). Further molecular phenotypes (up to 1,000 individuals) were profiled as a case study for implementing federated analyses. UTARTU has experience in analysis of various different omics data readouts as well as developing widely used public software tools like g:Profiler. 

Country: Estonia