CINECA brings together a diverse collection of human cohorts consisting of 1.4M individuals in Canada, Europe, and Africa. CINECA cohorts are selected as they provide a representation of the scales, types, variable consents and ELSI challenges related to global cohorts, thus ensuring a representative set for CINECA’s activities.

The diverse cohorts in the project representing >1.4 Million individuals in Europe, Canada, and Africa. CoLaus/PsyCoLaus are represented by the same logo.

A particular strength of CINECA is that it does not represent a specific disease focus and our cohorts are selected to address common diseases, a major worldwide health burden. This will ensure that the federation model and standards are applicable in any disease context and are well tested across our diverse cohorts. CINECA represents a unique opportunity to build one of the world's first transcontinental federated networks of human data discovery and sharing.

Our outputs are also immediately applicable to rare disease and will interoperate with rare disease infrastructures such as RD-Connect, Matchmaker exchange and others. This will allow analyses in future that cross rare and common diseases, desirable as rare disease phenotypes inform our understanding of common disease.

The figure depicts our project cohorts representing >1.4 Million individuals and spanning three continents.


Complete table of CINECA cohorts

Cohort/Resource name Number of participants Location Longitudinal Diseases Gender WGS WES RNASeq Epigenetics Genotyping
CHILD 3.5k CA X Population based developmental health and disease

M & F X X X X
CARTaGENE 43k CA X Population based cohort M & F X X X
PROFYLE 450 CA Pediatric Oncology M & F X X
CLSA 50k CA X Population based cohort M & F X
H3Africa 75k SA Multiple communicable and non-communicable diseases in multiple African countries

M & F X X X
BIOS 4k NL Population based cohort M & F X X X X
Estonian Biobank 51k EE X Population based cohort M & F X X X X X
CoLaus 6.1k CH X Cardiovascular diseases M & F X X
PsyCoLaus 3.6k CH X Mental disorders M & F X X
EGA 700k UK+ES Multiple diseases and healthy cohorts M & F X X X X X
UK Biobank 500k UK X Population cohort and disease; cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, eye disorder, depression and form of dementia

M & F X X X