Group Leader: E. Rial-Sebbag

Inserm is a public research organization entirely dedicated to human health. Created in 1964, it runs a budget of 600M€, with 13,000 staff members of which 2500 are MDs and 366 are based research units or centres. Inserm develops regional, national, European and international research networks and infrastructures in several fields. Inserm coordinates the French national network of biobanks that harbours more than 300 collections of biological resources stored in 50 centres in France. Many of these collections concern complex diseases. The laboratory “Epidemiology and public health” (LEASP), Joint Research Unit n°1027 of Inserm and UPS, is competent in the field of epidemiology, public health analyses, cohort and registry studies. 

Within this unit, team 4 is dedicated to the study of Innovations’ trajectories in health with a focus on bioethics issues and impact in public health. The team operates, with specific competencies in biomedical ethics and health law through its interdisciplinarity between biomedical and social sciences. It also leads a societal platform that especially accompanies projects for their ethical, legal and social issues (ELSI). 

Country: France