Group Leader: Patrick Ruch

The Information Science department of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts - Western Switzerland (HES-SO) develops applied research on architecture of information systems, natural language processing and text mining, and structuring and organization of information. 

HES-SO will focus on developing services to support metadata annotation, indexing and search. The indexing will combine automatic annotations to support manual curation and discovery services, powered with advanced analytics. More specifically, HES-SO will contribute the following tasks:

  • Set up of the semantic interoperability platform, including

    • Construction of the project’s data catalogue (Master Value Catalogue based on reference terminological systems) based on international standards (ICD-10, SNOMED CT, etc.)

    • Construction of the project’s transcoding resources (mappings between terminological systems)

  • Provision of software tools, API and interactive applications, powered with semantic interoperability services (#1.2) to automatically or semi-automatically assign meta-data (e.g. Accession numbers, Ontological descriptors, etc.) to project’s data 

  • Provision of metadata indexing tools to catalogue the project's data

  • Provision of (meta-)data navigation tools to search the project’s data

Country: Switzerland